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Lasik Post Operative Care

Thorough, Professional Vision Care

Are you interested in learning more about LASIK surgery? Ready to find out if you’re a candidate for the surgery, and getting rid of your glasses and contacts?

At Breslow Eye Care, we can answer any questions you may have on the latest surgical techniques to correct your vision. Even better, we can provide you with complete post-operative care, giving you a convenient location to fulfill your post-surgical requirements.

Contact our office to schedule your next examination and see if you may benefit from advances in refractive surgery!

Choosing an Eye Doctor

Choosing an Eye Doctor

How do you choose the right eye doctor for your family and personal needs? Is it best to look for an eye doctor near you? Should you see an optometrist or ophthalmologist? We share some thoughts…

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New Bexley Office Space

New Bexley Office Space

Our new optometrist office in Bexley is brighter, more open and more accommodating! Best of all, it’s right next door to our previous space. Come visit our new office!

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