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Polarized Lenses – What You Should Know

You’ve always been told it’s best to wear sunglasses outside to protect your eyes. But you might be asking – what’s the deal with polarized sunglasses? What do they do that’s different?

Lets start with how polarized lenses work.

Horizontal surfaces cause the majority of glare that makes you want to wear sunglasses. Surfaces like water, snow, car hoods and roadways all reflect a lot of sunlight into your eyes. Polarized lenses are made with a special filter that blocks horizontal glare by only allowing vertically polarized light to pass through.

You see the benefit of this filter when looking in a pool or the ocean on a sunny day, snow skiing when the sun is reflecting off the snow or commuting in stop-and-go rush hour traffic with countless cars reflecting sunlight off their hoods and windows.

A fun way to test if you have polarized lenses is to look at something like the hood of a car and tilt your head slightly to the right and then to the left. You will notice the glare off the surface will go from darker to brighter as you rotate your head and the angle of your view.

You will also notice that some images from LCD screens are hard to see, and LED lights look weird, or can’t be seen at all.

So, why buy polarized glasses?

There are several ways you will benefit from polarized lenses and be grateful you own a pair.

The reduced glare improves safety when driving, or during active sports like boating, skiing and biking. They lessen eye strain and reduce squinting, often preventing headaches. Images that are distorted because of glare will come clearly into focus. Take a look at our brand name eyeglasses here!

Take care of your eyes with polarized sunglasses.

We bombard our eyes daily with long hours in front of our computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions. It’s literally a part of every aspect of our life. So why not invest in something that will give back to your eyes?

Pampering yourself with polarized lenses allows your eyes to experience the comfort and rest that they desperately need. Polarized lenses will enhance the quality and comfort of your vision while making whatever you’re doing more enjoyable.

And if you want to really treat yourself, we can create polarized prescription sunglasses in frames so comfortable, you won’t even know they’re on.

Contact us today and let’s find some on-fashion polarized sunglasses for you!

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