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New Bexley Office Space

We welcome you to our new office

In 2019, we built out and moved into the offices right next to our previous office on East Main Street in downtown Bexley. The new space is much bigger, and with a complete renovation we were able to make the space more functional, welcoming, brighter and a generally nice place to be for an eye doctor appointment.

If you’ve been to our previous location at 2358 E Main Street in Bexley, then you’ve pretty much been to our new office – it’s right next door! Our new address is 2354 E Main Street in Bexley. And being in the same building means several of the same niceties are still there – big front windows, beautiful hardwood floors and big-time convenience.

Bright new eye care office space

The lobby and eyeglass display area is big and bright, lined with a great selection of eyeglass frames from lots of great brands, like Tom Ford, Costa Del Mar, Coach, Ray Ban and so many more.

Eye Care New Office Space

New eye exam rooms

We now have four new patient rooms for complete eye exams, including retinal photography. These rooms are separate from the main office area for added privacy.

Comfortable, open waiting area

If you do need to wait, our bright, clean waiting area is much larger, and right in front by the full windows that look out onto East Main Street. We do our best to make sure you don’t spend more than a few minutes in the waiting area – being just minutes from downtown, we have lots of patients who squeeze in an eye doctor appointment during a lunch break, or run out to our office from work for a quick appointment, and we do our best to get them in and out as quickly as possible. But don’t ever hesitate to ask questions during your appointment! It’s very important to us that you never feel rushed.

Breslow Eye Care New Bexley Office Waiting Area

More Optician Space

Outside of the actual eye exam, most patients spend the majority of their time browsing eyeglass frames, trying on glasses and having their glasses fitted by an Optician. Our new office space has a larger optical space and more workstations where an Optician can spend dedicated time with you and your new glasses. 

New Eye Doctor Office Space in Bexley

We welcome you!

We’re excited for our new office space and the added convenience and relaxing atmosphere it can offer our valued patients! You are always welcome to come in and see the new space, and “window shopping” for glasses is also welcome – we get new frames all the time we think you’ll love. And remember, we also have an office in Carroll, Ohio, just outside of Lancaster on the north end. We work hard at both offices to ensure the best and most accurate eye exam you’ll find anywhere. Hopefully our new office space in Bexley will also provide the most comfortable, relaxing eye exam anywhere.

Welcome to Breslow Eye Care

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